If you are looking for flowers, don’t look away, you’ve come to the right place.

Why choose us

The major problem with “other services” is that there are various intermediaries who receive a commission for your order: the florist who took the order from you as well as the wire service itself. These commissions end up representing more than 15% of the price of your floral arrangement.

Your loved one receives a lower valued bouquet than what you ordered. At Bellerose Place, there are no intermediaries and no commissions, so you get the full value of what you paid for! Free delivery included !

What makes us different

At Bellerose Place, we believe in quality bouquets. All our bouquets are handpicked the same day your bouquet is made using the freshest and highest quality flowers and roses available !

Our offer

Bellerose Place is not your typical florist. Besides selling bouquets, roses and plants like orchids, we have a large collection of decoration items too ! Don’t hesitate to drop by our shop. We’ll be glad to cater to your needs.

Our delivery possibilities

Though we are based in the beautiful city of Laeken, in the heart of Brussels, we do offer delivery services throughout Belgium. The best part ? Our delivery service is free !